Dermatology/Minor surgery


Diagnosis and management of common skin problems( such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, sun damaged skin, skin rashes.
Roaccutane  treatment
Treatment of plain warts, verrucas, mollosca contagiosa and skin tags
Lesion appraisal/ monitoring ( with dermoscopy and photo imaging)
Ageing skin- appraisal, advice and treatment
Botox administration ( facial rejuvenation, excessive sweating, bruxism)
Dermal fillers ( facial rejuvenation )
Botox starting @ €200 and Dermal fillers starting @ €300. 


Biopsy of lesions
Surgical excision of lesions
Incision and drainage of cysts
Toenail surgery( ingrown toenails)
Tongue tie ( division of tongue tie in infants)